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Shazar Gallery (Italy)


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Orłowski is a Warsaw-based photographer and musician, who works in various lens-based media. He received his MFA in the Photography Department of the Polish National Film, TV, and Theatre School in Łódź in 2016. Solo and group shows across Europe include the Agnes B. Galerie du Jour in Paris, Galeria Leto in Warsaw and Zigutamve in Vienna, as well as an exhibition during the Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2018 in Stroboskop Art Space. Named as one of “Young Lynxes” by Contemporary Lynx Magazine. An author and collaborator of various zines and artbooks, also does commissioned work. Represented in Italy by Shazar Gallery.


A photographic image, for me, is adventurous – attracted the most by irregularity, spectacularity and power. It’s a tool for deconstructing the visible, decoding the culture and appropriating its’ resources. Each phenomenon has a distinct ambience, its’ own dynamics and ADSR. A somewhat predictable influence in its’ theater of operations, with limited intentionality. Everything is momentary and in constant shift; all talk is euphemism. And yet it aligns in strangest of junctions. I see my work as a ridiculous, trippy para-documentary investigation into the processes of a contemporary environment. What interests me the most is the fluidity and the constant process of transformation, construction and adaptation of the environment. There is always something wrong with the scenography. Nothing is ever truly real, all is mock-up, fiction and play, and yet this fact can never entirely conceal itself. There’s cables sticking out; a maintenance note, a misplaced tile. For a brief moment, a weird cogwheel - the steering hand of randomness, the clockwork orange, reveals itself.
There is only fiction. When all variables are fluid, any objectivity is questionable.


individual exhibitions:

2014 ANTI-ACCENT, Festival Circulation(s), Centquatre, Paris, FR
2015 HYPER, Kraków Photomonth Show Off, Skład Długa 72, Kraków, PL
2017 VOID SETUP(), Galeria Śmierć Człowieka, Warszawa, PL
2018 BLACK MAGIC - Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Galeria Stroboskop, Warszawa, PL
          OBSTACLES - Carte Blanche, Willa Biała, Warszawa, PL
          OBSTACLES, Zigutamve, Vienna, AT
2019 BLACK MAGIC, Miejsce Przy Miejscu 14, Wroclaw, PL
2020 TECHNICOLOR, Shazar Gallery, Naples, IT

group exhibitions:

2012 STORIES OF PRESENCE (Fotofestiwal 2012), Łódź, PL
2013 CLOSE: Young Instant Photography, Galeria Pauza, Kraków, PL
2014 L’INTIME, Eden, galerie du jour agnès b., Paris, FR
2015 FLOW (Fotofestiwal 2015), Art_Inkubator, Łódź, PL
          HYPER HAZE, Hyper, Galeria Leto, Warsaw, PL
2016 VOICE CONTROL, Galeria Różnia, Warsaw, PL
2018 HERE & ELSEWHERE, Kobro Gallery, Łódź, PL
          INSIDE-OUT, Trullo 227, Martina Franca, Naples, IT

art fairs:

2019 MIA Photo Fair, Shazar Gallery, Milan, Italy
           ArtVerona, Shazar Gallery, Verona, Italy

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