Black Magic

ongoing (2018 - )

Thereis no distractions, focus is set on infinity. New dynamics are introduced into this phase space with inhales and exhales. The surfaces are blighted, varnish worn away. Old paint grows brittle and tears. The exterior decomposes along its’ foundation in an undiscriminating act of self-vandalism.

That which once was a milky-white, pristine, reemerges now as lead, taken by caries, zombified. It rests undead. In time, all things are determined authentic or counterfeit. A ceramic filling against the organic tooth. The thermodynamic system shifts from one state to another. From instability comes a shift in power. Declared parameters conserve themselves, coated in silence.

Just like boredom – or meditation – the whole appeal seems to be related to the light, that uncovers all dust. Plain, uninterrupted lasting.

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