The Big Empty

ongoing (2016 - )

Air appears thick and somewhat hazy. There is a good deal of dust floating and it’s hard to guess how long I’ve been here for. All actions are accompanied by a recurring lag, with the environment rendering itself over and over. Textures shimmer; the ambience is of deficient, sedative dynamics. Only a beat per minute. Slow drifting events for makeshift audiences – shuffling backgrounds, gentle sounds. Antechamber with vending machines to be stored up in for the time being. When present, one can hear a cascade of murmur impossible to pinpoint. No matter, most of it is AC anyway and it’s good the damn thing is on. The air seems to have been stale for ages. I am cargo. I have seen all this before, in every other stock reception hall. Nothing is much of a surprise. The scaffold is the same everywhere – each an instance of one, perpetual waiting room. Pressure and humidity are adequate, no time seems to pass – a constant leisure truly well conceived.

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