ongoing (2020 - )

The peripheries are a landscape of perpetual movement – decentralized, supplemental. This land is in a deeply erratic state. Dusty king's portraits hang every few storefronts to remind everyone, that territory is subject to a map.

Bedlam is the anti-impasse.

It is a vibrant hum of a hornet hive. A suppressed beat of sand and dust. An ongoing tremor of makeshift, momentary integrity.

A snake charmer blows his pipes. The body, inebriated with sun, is potent and indefinite – unhinged, nomadic, astray. There is a unifying force, manifested throughout. The voice of a rallying call rides the waves and wind. A vague, cacophonic machinery dreams its' own coherence and prosperity.

Apart from its' ethnographical theme, Bedlam is an iteration of a road immersive. It is a presence and a passage. Albeit detached, the recorder is engaged and within – an extra, always suspicious and never innocent. Loitering in the nature of the land, the operator exposes and experiences himself as the other.

“All in all, bedlam enough to awaken the dead”

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