Born in 1989, Orłowski is a conceptual photographer born and based in Warsaw, Poland. An author, collaborator and collector of photographic zines and books. Key issues in his practice are entropy, fortuity and environment, as well as the photographic medium as a tool of communication. Orłowski’s practice follows a contemporary, documentary aesthetic – his works range from grand, transformed landscapes to very narrow, abstract compositions, including most of what’s in-between. It is based on the un-staged encounters and analytical observation.


2009 - 2015 Master of arts, Polish National Film, TV and Theatre School, Łódź, Poland

individual exhibitions

2023.05 TERMINI, Two Thirds Project Space, Athens, Greece
2020.02 TECHNICOLOR, Shazar Gallery, Naples, Italy
2019.04 BLACK MAGIC, Miejsce Przy Miejscu 14, Wroclaw, Poland
2018.11 OBSTACLES, Zigutamve, Vienna, Austria
2018.10 OBSTACLES - Carte Blanche, Willa Biała, Warsaw, Poland
2018.09 BLACK MAGIC, Warsaw Gallery Weekend, Stroboskop, Warsaw, Poland
2018.01 RECON, Spectra Art Space, Warsaw, Poland
2017.03 VOID SETUP(), Galeria Śmierć Człowieka, Warsaw, Poland
2015.05 HYPER (Miesiąc Fotografii w Krakowie), Skład Długa 72, Kraków, Poland
2014.10 ANTI-ACCENT - Festival Circulation(s), Centquatre, Paris, France

group shows

2019.07 SUMMER EXHIBITION, Shazar Gallery, Naples, Italy
2018.09 INSIDE-OUT, Trullo 227, Martina Franca, Naples, Italy
2018.02 HERE & ELSEWHERE, Kobro Gallery, Łódź, Poland
2016.06 VOICE CONTROL, Różnia Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2015.07 HYPER HAZE, Leto Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2015.05 FLOW (Fotofestiwal), Art_Inkubator, Łódź, Poland
2014.11 L’INTIME, Galerie Du Jour Agnès B., Paris, France
2013.09 CLOSE: Young Instant Photography, Galeria Pauza, Kraków, Poland

art fairs

2019.03 MIA Photo Fair, Shazar Gallery, Milan, Italy
2019.10 Verona Art Fair, Shazar Gallery, Verona, Italy

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