ongoing (2017 - )

- an often cruel or unrelenting control, power, or possession
- the act of grasping, holding, or restraining
- a tight or critical situation : a pinch

- something that blocks you so that movement, going forward, or action is prevented or made more difficult

Valued as a virtue, order is criticalprocess of maintaining efficiency. Once it is disturbed, entropybecomes tangible and possible to be observed plainly. Each line, eachangle and plane turn uneven, distorted and undone. Inthis act of decomposing trickery and self-vandalism, the board piecesget reshuffled. Variants iterate in all possibilities with limitlessoutcomes, enabling the most abstract arrangements of structures,agents and the environment.

A probe is stranded in this irrationalcontraption. It attempts to assess the volume, capacity and corridorsto comprehend the exhaustive, gasp-inducing environment. The spacebecomes derivative with each iteration, invalidating any logic. It isan endless flux that for not one moment remains the same.Anti-aliasing amplifies and distorts. An overdriven ambience feedsback, mandating any continuity impossible. In such a narrowedperspective, there is always something that manifests itself as outof place. Distinct objects – misplaced and confused, are no longerfunctional, nor symbolic.

A confusion, mischief, lostbearing – a dazed gaze. An OCD in reverse. In a rogue labyrinth,any attempt to remain coherent is due to be dismissed. There’sno stepping back now, yet no destination anymore – the agent driftsthrough self-constituted, decaying realm. Aphantom soars – of all order wound and unfulfilled. Air becomesincommensurate and expands, the pressure drops. There will be noharmony and the final project will never be achieved.

In this congealed theater, every subject mutatesand degrades into complete meaninglessness, ultimately turning intospatial obstacles, programmed to decrease efficiency and producereluctance.

No object here hulks above the others.

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