ongoing (2020 - )

The land cracks under the weight; granular, salty, finely cured. Terrain dynamics are subtle and, with each leap, subtler still. More quicksand than marshland. Wellsprings are scarce and the body is near dehydration. Water has been miscalculated and mismanaged – all the substance has been drained. A parody of terraformation, or a process in negative – reallocating the resources into an inhospitable and unsustainable environment. It is barely imaginable what came before. Every environment, left unattended, eventually smoothes itself out, with no forces, no carving, no fluids to drain. It is now an elementary biome – a dune, transformed and barren. A realm of subnature, where only the fittest can withstand cruel conditions. This ain’t no country for people no more. Sun is amplified, liquid turned into steam.
Water is an essential resource. It provides basic means for life to exists, for subjects to travel, for societies to develop. Floodland concentrates on the efforts of harnessing and overcoming the natural flow of water, its’ storage, the effects of manipulating nature, like droughts, and the fluvial phenomenology. It’s about industrial hydrology, dams, the land affected and the potential disaster, due to the progressing warming.

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