ongoing (2021 - )

Interstate is often associated as one of the icons of the 70s and american culture. Imagined primarily through the imagery of road epics, cheap petrol and concept of modern exploration, the road became a symbol of freedom, progress and change, as well as an asset to the visual representations of discovery. In its’ bare essence, this frontier is a wild wasteland – a primal topography, reclaimed only with a strand of concrete.

Interstate is a type of infrastructure, that harnesses a roaming flow of potential. The nomadic machine manifests itself in an automobile – be it a caravan home or an industrial truck. An industrial complex extended, an empire flexing. Astir, there is no settlement. This is the realm of the uprooted, misplaced and restless – of a worker, tethered to the thread of a road.

This spaces inhabited are those of unbridled, dystopic landscapes.

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