ongoing (2021 - )

Interstate is a peer into the sleepless nature of the outskirts – a middle surface of savage wilderness, occupied with restless movement and change. It is a meandering wasteland, pushed back from the central nodes – primal topography, reclaimed with a strand of concrete. Vast barrens, harnessing the roaming flow of the exerted nomad.

An object is made – at the world’s furthest – then shipped, reprocessed, repackaged and stocked for consumption. This is the frontier of the contemporary workforc – the farmer, the worker, the salvager, the contractor – tethered to the thread of the road. Merged into the slipstream, (s)he returns to the capital flow. The produce can sustain no delay, it demands full commitment, full physical embedment.

The spaces portrayed are those of unbridled, dystopic environments and their oppressive phenomenology. Interstate focuses on the image of nomadic labor and its shifting, harsh environments. 

Interstate is the realm of Sisyphus – labor forever in the limbo of undeath.

A vacuum, that absorbs time and motion.

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