ongoing (2017 - )

A recorder – in focus – remains silent, stranded in a irrational contraption. The probe is dragging on, mapping the space in drag. It is an endless flux that for not one second remains the same. The rendering is on overdrive within the managed ambience. In a narrowed perspective, something always manifests itself as out of place. Distinct objects – misplaced and confused, are no longer functional and not yet a sculpture.
Obstacles manifest on a meta-level. It is pure confusion, a lost bearing, a dazed gaze in a labirynthian space. Any attempt to remain coherent in this misplaced reality is due to be dismissed. There’s no stepping back now, as each way out is just another corridor. Variants iterate in all possibilities with limitless outcomes. The balance of power is disturbed; latency and repetition become more noticeable. A phantom soars – of the order rewound and unfulfilled. Air becomes incommensurate and expands, the pressure drops. There will be no harmony and the final project will never be achieved.
Here no object hulks above the others.

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