ongoing (2018 - )

I let in some light. Its’ corporeal potential is huge and very promising, surrounded by a subtle aura of mild psychedelia. The room is laid upon by a subtle, vivid color. I have had many of these games of apparition. A dynamic play on who blinks first. Mucous machines diffuse the spectrum and put it to analysis. It gets crumbled and bruised. The room is overtaken by a dim luminance. Its’ apparition, barely sketched on the edges, sneaks by the threshold. Invinsible, but casting shadows on the wall. It avoids direct contact, but when you stare long enough, you know it’s there. Blissful, dissociated - it is probably right then that the proper trip begins. A hissing ambient has been playing the whole time, unnoticed, swaying the rhythm up and down and up again.

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