ongoing (2018 - )

The pinhole is set up, timid and full of potential. Proper conditions have been met and no luminosity is tangible at the entry point. Any sight is redundant.

The circumstances are very unusual – outdated and seemingly unreal.

I let in some light.

The room is laid upon with a subtle, vivid color. Its’ corporeal, enhancing potential is promising, radiating an aura of mild psychedelia. First come shadows, then shapes. The sensor is overtaken by dim luminance. Mucous machines diffuse the spectrum, kneading it and digesting. The paper is crumbled, yet the data is even, as is the formula. Images are manufactured in this feast of plain spectacularity. I need to keep pace, keep up with each hertz. Blissful, dissociated – it is probably right then that the proper trip begins. A flat muzak sneaked in, unnoticed, swaying the rhythm up and down and up again, tethered to the shutter’s clock.

Reflections multiply, then overlay and reverberate.

A mirage, upon mirage, upon mirage.

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